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Flecto Sense

Lora 2 Channel Radio Switch Transmitter

Lora 2 Channel Radio Switch Transmitter

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The system consists of Three Units:

Transmitter Unit

Receiver Unit

Repeater (if needed)

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Lora 2 Channel Radio Switch Transmitter

Key features

  • Inputs: Two dry contact inputs labeled as 1 and 2.
  • Outputs: Two relay outputs (1 and 2) that mirror the status of the respective inputs. These relay contacts have configurations for Normally Open (N/O), Common, and Normally Closed (N/C).
  • Relay Contact Rating: Rated for 10A AC on the relay contacts. It's advised not to exceed loads higher than 2A.
  • Range: Capable of up to 5km line of sight with a standard antenna.
  • Power Requirement: No need for a backup battery. The unit immediately transmits its input status when powered.
  • Multiple Pairing: Can be paired with multiple Receiver Units.
  • Indicator LEDs: includes indicator LEDs to show the status of the inputs or the transmission status.


Functional Specification Flecto 2Channel Radio Switch

The Flecto Sense Concentrator

The concentrator facilitates AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) to read meters on fixed network, walk-by or drive-by modes. The FSC works with all Kamstrup WMBus devices and the whole range of Flecto Sense WMBus products..

The system is unique in the way the data is always encrypted. You can count on accurate readings, timely responses, data that you can use and report the way you want to.

The FSC records all the WMBus information four times an hour. These readings get sent to the Flecto Backend server where the data is stored for 32 days. The data can be viewed, exported, displayed, printed or imported into other systems. Standard integration via REST API or web portal access from smartphones, tablets and computers.