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  • Prepay Water Solution

Smart Water Management

The Flecto STS Smart Valve Controller was designed to be compatible with the Kamstrup MC21 ultrasonic water meter to offer a smart wireless STS solution.

For the Billing Agent, Local Authority and Municipality

Configurable allocation

Configurable monthly free consumption allocation

Consumption Logger

On-board 420 day consumption logger retrievable from the MC21


Accurate pre-paid revenue collection, control and monitoring


Secure encrypted wireless communication


Ultrasonic water meter with no moving mechanical parts

Various add-on products and services

Portals & Apps (with fixed network data collection)
Compliant with all STS vendors
Drive-by reading software and tools

Water Management and control

  • STS Ready
  • Sigfox ready
  • LoRa ready
  • Wireless communication between Smart Water Meter, SVC and CIU
  • Precise ultrasonic measurement (No pulse counting)
  • No external wiring
  • Drive-by reading ready
  • Fixed network data collection ready
  • 5 year battery life on the SVC with the option of an additional battery extending the battery life to 10 years
  • SVC batteries are replaceable
  • 16 year battery life on the water meter
  • IP 68 rating on SVC and MC21
  • Automatic shut-off when “tamper” is detected from MC21 or the SVC
  • Alarms and Warnings also displayed on the CIU

For The End user

From the comfort of your home

Kamstrup MC21 water meter
  • Know your consumption

  • Know your available credit

  • Know your water meter reading all the time

  • Easy to top-up credits

  • Alarms and Warnings:

    • Leak detection
    • Excessive usage
    • Tamper detection
    • Dry detection

You need to save water.    Smart Water Management.    Know your water meter reading all the time.    Know your available credit.    Leak detection.    Tamper detection.   Easy to top-up credits.   

SVC Specification

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Description Specification
Pipe Diameter 3/4" (20mm)
Communication Wireless M-Bus Ready
Sigfox Ready
LoRa Ready
Pre-Paid System STS Ready
Compattible with any STS Provider
Enclosure Nylon
Battery Life 5 years
10 years with additional battery
Replaceable Battery
Tamper Multi-Level Protection
Free Water Allocation Default 0 KL per month
Adjustable between 0 to 10 KL per month
Alarm and Warning settings Dry - default off (warning only)
Leak - default off (warning only)
Excessive usage - default off (warning only)
Tamper - Always in detection mode
Manufactured Under License of Muchem