• Configurable allocation

    Configurable monthly free consumption allocation

  • Consumption logger

    Capacity to store 420 consumption logging activities per day

  • Accurate

    Accurate pre-paid revenue collection, control and monitoring

How it works

We offer a whole range of solutions from the most basic unit that can control your irrigation, to the most advanced luxury line unit for post payment AMI with integral warnings. These units cover everything.

These units cover everything, make your system smarter!

  • SVC System

    Our flagship solution is available as pre-paid or post-paid.

    • Precise ultrasonic
    • Accurate prepaid revenue collection, control and monitoring.
    • Configurable monthly free consumption allocation
    • Tamper, leakage, excessive usage, and dry detection
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  • Pulse Counter Communication Technology

    A solution for those with older infrastructure:

    • The unit records pulses from your meter and reports on the data received.
    • Extreme long battery life
    • Wireless communication between the unit and your smartphone or PC
    • IP67 water resistant plastic enclosure
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  • The Flecto Sense Consentrator System

    A solution for AMI and AMR:

    • The concentrator facilitates automatic meter reading
    • Works with all Kamstrup WMBus devices and the whole range of Flecto Sense WMBus products.
    • Your data is stored on the Flecto Sense server where it can be viewed, exported, displayed, printed or imported into other systems
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Seamless billing and accurate data

Flecto Sense provides ease of use for billing agents by making the bill submission process seamless with the help of integration and connectivity.

Our systems provide clean, accurate and easy-to-understand data for your local authorities.

For you, your business, body corporate, office park or any sub-metering requirements.

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