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Flecto Sense

Flecto Sense Concentrator

Flecto Sense Concentrator

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Flecto Sense Concentrator

Key features

  • Facilitates AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
  • Works with all Kamstrup and Sensus WMBus devices and the whole Flecto Sense product range
  • Data is always encrypted
  • Accurate readings
  • Product Lead time 54 weeks

*Installation not included
*Please note lead times above


The FSC records all the WMBus information four times an hour. These readings get sent to the Flecto Backend server where the data is stored for 32 days.

The data can be viewed, exported, displayed, printed or imported into other systems. Standard integration via REST API or web portal access from smartphones, tablets and computers.


  • 32 day data storage
  • GSM for communication
  • Solar Powered
  • WMBus communication to the cloud
  • API or web portal access for devices


FSC v4 Specifications sheet


FSC Brochure