About Us

At Flecto Sense we believe in partnership. Together as a team we can dream up the best technological advancements and bring them to life.

We aspire to bring value, adding change to the market across various industries based on focused technological advancements.

Time Line

Company Growth


Flecto Sense was brought to life in 2015 by Gerhard Joubert and Ryan Gibson


The official registration of Flecto Sense as a private company took place. Gerhard Breytenbach and Wouter De Kock joined the team


We released the SVC to market with great success and uptake. Patent registered for the SVC


We released FSC Flecto Sense Concentrator with great success and uptake


Developed and release of various other projects to the market, complementing our existing product range


STS accredited SVC with TID rollover capabilities.


Release of FSR Flecto Sense Repeater (world's first) with powerful capabilities

Meet the Team

We come from various backgrounds covering fields such as aviation and avionics, fuel and chemicals, information and communication technology, macro- and microelectronics, programming, project management and utilities.

Together we are able to harness more than 80 years of experience in order to bring value
added change.

  • Ryan Gibson

    Associate Director

  • Gerhard Breytenbach

    Associate Director

  • Wouter De Kock

    Associate Director

  • Gerhard Joubert

    Associate Director

  • Olof Breytenbach

    Associate Director