Manage your usage and detect leakages

  • Flecto Sense offers solutions to property owners and investors to manage the rising cost of water usage.
  • By using our products you can detect water leaks and manage your usage to prevent shocking bills and revenue loss.
  • Accurate readings and reports of usages are available to users.
  • You are the only one who has access to your data, it will never be in the wrong hands.
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Control & Monitor usage

We also offer sub-metering to Body Corporates who are managing complexes, in need of accurate readings and revenue collection of their own utilities. Residential standalone homes, complexes and flat can all benefit when using our product.

Property owners and investors who would like to control and monitor the usage for their tenants can use our products to ensure a trustworthy relationship between owner and tenant, giving them accurate readings and costs.

If you would like to find our how Flecto Sense products can assist you, contact us today for more information