What you need to know about prepaid meters

What you need to know about prepaid meters

If you're a landlord, a property developer or just someone who has an interest in renting out property, you'll know that in most cases tenants pay their rent on a monthly basis. This can leave landlords and property developers with large sums of money up front. With the rise of the prepaid meter - where tenants pay for their electricity & water before they move into their new home - there is now an alternative way to manage your finances!

A prepaid water meter is a modern and convenient way to monitor and control your water usage.

Simply top up your meter with cash, debit card or credit card directly from the comfort of your home. The meter will automatically calculate how much water was used and when it was used. 

You can also decide how much money you want to spend on your utility bill each month, which means if you want to cut down on expenses this summer but don’t want to go without washing dishes or taking showers, just set a low limit on yourself in advance!

Unlike a credit or postpaid meter, you use it to pay for the water you use before you use it.

By paying for your water bill in advance, you'll avoid getting stuck with an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

You can also choose to pay for less than your actual water usage if you're on a budget or want to save money for any reason.

With this service, it doesn't matter whether your property is part of an estate or complex, every property owner has access to all the benefits of prepaid meters.

This service is not limited to estates or complexes. You can still enjoy the benefits of prepaid meters even if your property is in a private home, townhouse or even a condominium unit.

This means that every single property owner now has access to all the benefits of prepaid meters regardless of his or her status as an estate/complex owner or tenant.

Most municipalities offer two types of prepaid meters: an hourly or daily meter which allows users to buy water by the litre at specific locations; or a pay-as-you-go card where users can load money onto their card and use it as needed for purchases at retailers who sell prepaid cards (e.g., grocery stores).

 Who can access it?

Prepaid meters are offered to all property owners. You don't have to be a residential or commercial property owner; you can use it for industrial properties as well.

In addition, prepaid meters aren't only available for apartment buildings. They're also an option for office buildings and even retail spaces

What’s in it for municipalities?

Prepaid meters can also benefit municipalities, who may be able to increase their revenue by charging a higher rate or increasing the number of people who pay for water. With prepaid meters, it is easier to control the use of water in a community: since the meter only registers when money is added to it.

Additionally, prepaid meters reduce leaks by allowing municipalities to detect them more easily. Leaks often go undetected because municipal water systems operate on very large scales (think thousands or even millions of litres per day) that make leak detection difficult using traditional methods. By collecting data from individual homes’ usage through prepaid meters, leaks can be detected more easily because each home’s rate of consumption will decrease over time as more and more water is lost through leaks; this information can then be used by engineers at municipal utilities to locate and repair any broken pipes before they become so severe that they require emergency repairs at great expense

Flecto Sense products can offer you all of the above and more!

Prepaid water meters are a great option for property owners and tenants who want to take control of their utility usage. Having a product that allows you to track your usage, detect leaks and provides you with accurate readings will prevent revenue loss. It’s also a convenient way for municipalities, estate managers and body corporates to keep track of their water consumption without being tied down by the usual bureaucratic processes.

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