Sub metering_What it is & how it works?

Sub metering_What it is & how it works?

Sub-metering is a system that allows you to monitor and track the amount of water your tenants use. It is a great way to ensure that your tenants are paying only for their part of the water they use and also helps you identify other problems with the plumbing systems in your building which you were not aware of. 

Sub metering is when your water meter system collects information on the water usage by a specific tenant or individual apartment unit. This is monitored individually in one complex or office park.

Using products like Flecto Sense makes sub metering possible when you want to track the water usages on your properties. This makes it possible to establish a good relationship with your tenants when you give them accurate bills to pay.

There are lots of benefits for the tenants and the owners of the property when using a Flecto Sense sub metering system:

  • Accuracy and transparency:

The accurate measurement of the water usage allows owners to accurately bill their tenants and also to identify any leaks or wastage in plumbing systems, thus saving them money. This also allows owners to collect revenue more efficiently. Making sure there are no discrepancies between what they are paying and what they are using.

  • Preventing water tampering:

This is achieved through the use of a Flecto Sense system, as it will send out an alert if it picks up any tampering from your meter. This prevents people from using your water without permission which may result in high utility bills.

  • Smart communication:

In addition to avoiding any potential problems with accurate readings, Flecto Sense products offer total transparency of usage data through our smart communication by sending the data directly to your mobile device. This way you can view real-time information about how much water has flowed through your meter.

  • Identifying problems in the plumbing system:

Our sub metering products allow you to identify problems in your plumbing system whether it's in a complex or in your office park. You will be able to detect water leakages & excessive usage of water. You are also able to switch off your water meter at any given moment, preventing these problems from generating high utility bills.

It is very important that you are aware of what sub metering is and how it works when you are renting out a property or when you are a tenant.

Knowing how it works and what it is will give you a better understanding of how much water they use, this will allow them to save money and still be able to get what they need at their home or work space. They will know where to go and look for the data when their bill has increased due to consumption or leakages. It will also give them an idea about how much more money they should put aside to cover their bills.

Sub metering is a very good way for body corporates and owners to gather the information they need when they submit the monthly utility bills to their tenants. This also makes their admin easier when they receive the readings directly without having to send someone out to do the readings, saving them on expenses. 

If you are part of a body corporate / property owner or an office park manager and would like to find out more on how our sub metering can save you and your tenants money? Contact Flecto Sense today and be amazed!

Credit: Melissa Minnie (Marketing Manager @Flecto Sense)

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