Pros & Cons of Smart Meters

Pros & Cons of Smart Meters

In 2023, we predict that Smart Water meters will become more popular amongst property owners, businesses, utility companies etc with the drive of the new digital age in the current world we live in.

With the roll out of Flecto Sense products we hope to educate and help consumers to see exactly how much water they are using and what they are paying for their current water usage. To enable consumers to make the smart choice, here are some advantages and disadvantages of smart water meters, to help educate consumers on what the products have to offer them and why you should get one?

What is a smart water meter?

A smart water meter replaces your current old fashioned water meter installed. New Smart Water meters give you the ability to receive your readings automatically directly to your smartphone or laptop without the hassle of having someone reading the meter monthly. It's accurate and provides you with more data than your current meters.

Advantages of smart meters?

  1. No Need to submit meter readings manually
    Smart water meters automatically send out readings to your utility supplier. Saving you the time to send your readings every month, and saving them money as they do not have to send out someone to do a manual reading.
  2. Track your usage and monthly cost
    With a smart water meter you can track the exact amount of water you are using. Giving an accurate indication of what your monthly expense will be. Thus giving you full control!
  3. Accurate bills
    You will be able to send / receive accurate costings of usages to your tenants or business properties. No more estimates!
  4. Detects water leakages and excessive usages
    Your smart meter will let you know immediately if there are any water leakages or high usage events in your system. This enables you to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  5. Tamper Warnings
    These devices will inform you of any tampering on your water system
  6. Connection to current meters available
    Our products are able to work with any current meters installed to ensure full control of your water usage.
  7. Connectivity to municipalities
    Flecto Sense meters can be connected to your current municipality.
  8. Ability to turn your water on and off
    Flecto Sense products allow you to turn off your water when you see a big spike in usage. Or when you are not at home, you can set your water meter so you do not have any tampering or loss of water while you are away.
  9. Saving the planet!
    Smart meters improve your awareness of how much water you are using. This helps consumers change their habits to prevent water from being wasted.

Disadvantages of smart meters?

  1. Poor signal
    Smart meters communicate using mobile networks. Sometimes the signal can be a bit patchy in some areas, this might delay the smart meter reports to your devices.
  2. Smart meters will not reduce bills alone
    They only make you aware of your usage and spend, by providing you with the correct data that enables you to be more inclined to reduce your usage.

Flecto Sense smart meters can assist you to make sure you are more aware of your water usage. 

Enabling you to save money and budget better. These devices are not only the future of saving water and saving the planet, but making us all aware of how we use our water.

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