10 minutes with Ryan Gibson_Director of Flecto Sense

10 minutes with Ryan Gibson_Director of Flecto Sense

Flecto Sense was first established in 2015 by Director Ryan Gibson & Gerhard Joubert. At Flecto Sense we provide an integrated smart water solution, focusing on providing clarity, connectivity and ease of use to all customers. With our modern technology & smart communication systems we strive to take the lead in the industry.

We took a few minutes to have a chat with Director Ryan Gibson on his vision for Flecto Sense going into 2023:

What was your idea behind Flecto Sense and bringing the smart water solutions to the South African market?

Flecto Sense started as a hobby club for enthusiasts and inventors. We were considering a lot of tech for home automation. This naturally led to a water management system that can be operated from your phone and pc anywhere in the world. We could then link a smart water meter to our valve that can very accurately dispense water until the required number of litres passed, then automatically close the water flow.   

We know that Flecto Sense sells into International markets - are there specific countries you would like to target in the new year? And do you see growth potential in those countries for resellers?

We have a few new opportunities in Africa and I see great potential for the projects in urban and rural Africa.

What makes your products so unique compared to others? Why should your client purchase Flecto Sense above the rest?

I believe our quality speaks for itself. We pride ourselves that the products we supply meet the expectations of our clients and impress them for many years. Quality doesn’t come cheap but the price is only temporary, as the product keeps performing year on year giving you peace of mind.

What benefits are there for resellers, selling Flecto Sense products under their own brand?

The resellers of our products find our products to be very easy to use and install. This makes the end customer happy because their dreams can spring into reality in a very short timeframe.

Could customers expect some new products launching in 2023? and could you give us a little information on what is to come?

I have been keeping an eye on how our clients use our products, based on trends we see that our repeaters are in high demand across the industry. There will be 2 new types of repeaters coming in 2023 and this will have huge benefits to our customers.

We will also be launching a new version of our Pulse Counter units that will extend battery life from 6 years to more than 10 years. We have new microprocessors that operate in the uA range. The plan is that all our products receive the latest in power saving technology.

Flecto Sense does not only offer their clients a unique and accurate system to assist with managing their water usage, but it also offers them the opportunity to gain revenue. Whether it's collecting revenue efficiently by using Flecto Sense products, or by reselling the product to your clients.

To find our more information about Flecto Sense and our products, please feel free to contact us on info@fleco.co.za or visit our website at www.flecto.co.za

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