• Kamstrup MC21 water meter
    Kamstrup MC21 water meter

  • Flecto Sense Smart Valve Controller
    Flecto Sense Smart Valve Controller

  • Flecto Sense Customer Interface Unit
    Flecto Sense Customer Interface Unit

Smart Water Management

The Flecto STS Smart Valve Controller was designed to be compatible with the Kamstrup MC21 ultrasonic water meter to offer a smart wireless STS solution.

For the Billing Agent, Local Authority and Municipality

Configurable allocation

Configurable monthly free consumption allocation

Consumption Logger

On-board 420 day consumption logger retrievable from the MC21


Accurate pre-paid revenue collection, control and monitoring


Secure encrypted wireless communication


Ultrasonic water meter with no moving mechanical parts

Various add-on products and services

Portals & Apps (with fixed network data collection)
Compliant with all STS vendors
Drive-by reading software and tools

Water Management and control

  • STS Ready
  • Sigfox ready
  • LoRa ready
  • Wireless communication between Smart Water Meter, SVC and CIU
  • Precise ultrasonic measurement (No pulse counting)
  • No external wiring
  • Drive-by reading ready
  • Fixed network data collection ready
  • 5 year battery life on the SVC with the option of an additional battery extending the battery life to 10 years
  • SVC batteries are replaceable
  • 16 year battery life on the water meter
  • IP 68 rating on SVC and MC21
  • Automatic shut-off when “tamper” is detected from MC21 or the SVC
  • Alarms and Warnings also displayed on the CIU

For The End user

From the comfort of your home

Kamstrup MC21 water meter
  • Know your consumption

  • Know your available credit

  • Know your water meter reading all the time

  • Easy to top-up credits

  • Alarms and Warnings:

    • Leak detection
    • Excessive usage
    • Tamper detection
    • Dry detection

You need to save water.    Smart Water Management.    Know your water meter reading all the time.    Know your available credit.    Leak detection.    Tamper detection.   Easy to top-up credits.   

SVC Specification

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Description Specification
Pipe Diameter 3/4" (20mm)
Communication Wireless M-Bus Ready
Sigfox Ready
LoRa Ready
Pre-Paid System STS Ready
Compattible with any STS Provider
Enclosure Nylon
Battery Life 5 years
10 years with additional battery
Replaceable Battery
Tamper Multi-Level Protection
Free Water Allocation Default 0 KL per month
Adjustable between 0 to 10 KL per month
Alarm and Warning settings Dry - default off (warning only)
Leak - default off (warning only)
Excessive usage - default off (warning only)
Tamper - Always in detection mode
Manufactured Under License of Muchem