Do you have a boat, car or caravan with a battery that often fails due to long periods of inactivity?

Do you frequently have to change your spare lead acid batteries to prevent them going bad?

Batman is the solar powered battery manager that will take care of your batteries whenever they are not in use. BATTMAN will charge drained batteries and maintain them without you having to worry about it overcharging your batteries.

BATTMAN may be mounted to the vehicle being maintained. Whenever the vehicle is moved, simply unplug the solar panel and reconnect once maintenance must resume.

Battman Features

Solar power

Charges drained batteries

Maintain battery health and charge level once fully charged

Mounting flanges allows for permanent mounting

Can be used as a dedicated or portable charge

Solar panel can be disconnected

May be left unattended and connected to battery for long periods of time

Reverse polarity protection

Developed and manufactured in South Africa

Battman Specification

Description Specification
Battery Chemistry Any LEAD acid
Battery Voltage 12 volts
Max Charge rate 1.5A
Charge Stages Conditioning Constant Current Constant Voltage Float
Solar Panel 10w – 20w 30v
LEDs Charge, Low, Medium, Full
Weatherproof Yes
Dimensions charger 80mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 16mm(H)
Dimensions 10w Panel 310mm(L) x 367mm(W) x 17mm(D)
Battery connection 5 meter
Cable length pv to charger 5 meter
Battery connection Round lug, Terminal clips or Push on